‘We create artisanal luxury leather goods in order to inspire contemporary nomads who want to travel the globe in style.”


crafted for your journey

Inspired by a nomadic lifestyle, Jannissima re-invented travel bags in a contemporary and urban way. The bags are crafted in the leather goods atelier in Waalwijk, The Netherlands. They are hand-made by qualified artisans renowned for their skill, experience and expertise. Each Jannissima bag is made from premium Italian and German full grain leather, tanned with specialist craftsmanship, hand selected and quality controlled, cherishing the uniqueness of each skin ensuring a timeless product. Jannissima is a Dutch Design label, with an individual signature and a high quality collection of sustainable travel goods. Jannissima is the winner of the Dutch Design Awards DDAW, the European Fashion Awards ISPO finalist of the Diesel International Talent Support IT’S#7, The Design in Detail Award DIDA, Most sustainable Eindhoven Entrepreneur award, Milan Netherlands Fashion Award MIL-NFA of the Dutch embassy in Milan MFA 2016.


traveling in style

Get exhited for a trolley, bag and accessoires at Jannissima!  In our collection website, you will find an up-to-date selection of men’s and women’s travel bags and accessories designed by Jannissima. Jannissima luxurious and sustainable travel goods are innovative and cleaver designed to look perfect while you travel, and to simply style your outfit with our exclusive accessory. Our unique product range of luxury crafted leather bags and mouth blown jewellery is the perfect choice whatever your personal style. Order leather-goods, roller-bags, travel bags, handbags, backpacks and accessoires such as pouches, laptopsleeves, iPadsleeves and iPhone bags.




Jannissima offers exclusive design services and unique collaborations. If you would like to develop beautiful high end gifts for your business relations, sustainable one of a kind leather goods or jewelry for your family and friends. Whether you’re developing for a customer who is interested in the latest trends, or a customer who needs to offer a practical bag for work, Jannissima has the right design for you. For further inspiration, our newsletters provide the perfect design and trend ideas for occasions such as Valentines Day, Mothers Day or Christmas. Developing a new design can be difficult, if you want a compelling and elegant solution, go for the Jannissima look and feel! Get in touch with our design and styling team and start a new journey together.



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Bugaboo by Jannissima collaboration