In collaboration with Elementum a special fabric design has been developed to create a new collection of travel bags. Elementum is a sustainable fashion brand by Portugees designer Daniela Pais. In her organic cotton scarf collection she design an inspiring print of hand painted Dots. The Dots design have been developed further by Elementum to create a striking pattern on reused canvas suitable for reworking into leather goods.  The combination of vegetable tanned leather of the Jannissima collection and printed dots gives the bags a unique playfull and vibrant look.

The collection is made of vegetable tanned leather and printed dots on canvas, selected by Jannissima and Elementum. The vegetable tanned leather is naturally pigmented and tanned without chrome. The print screens are made with ink with natural pigments.

The DOTS LUDIQUE leather goods collection exists of the following designs:

The LARGE TROLLEY and MEDIUM TROLLEY the BACKPACK has a zipper and inside pockets for your laptop, iPad, cellphone and keys. The BACKPACK can be combined with the Jannissima trolley utilizing the special sleeve, allowing you to put it on top of a trolley enabling you to have your hands free while traveling. A DAY PURSE, a BEACH BAG, a LARGE TOILETRY BAG, a SMALL TOILETRY BAG, a CLUTCH, a MAKE UP BAG and a PENCIL CASE.

Visit www.luxuryistohavesimplethings.com for more information about Elementum and Daniela Pais.

All Jannissima products are handmade in selected workshops by craftsmen in the Netherlands and Italy.