Inspired by the roaring twenties the Jannissima jewelry collection exists of colorful hand crafted glass eye catchers. The xxl glass balls necklace is inspired by extravagant actress Josephine Baker. The ‘Lady Josephine’ Venetian glass pearls are hand blown in shades of pastel and have a gold toggle lock.

The ‘Miss Printemps’ collection is light as spring. This glass bead with a hint of moss green is hand blown using Venetian Filegrano glass.

The ‘P. Poiret’ collection is inspired by the mysterious art works of painter Paul Poiret that had an Eastern touch. The black and white glass bead has an artistic feel and is an extra large mouth blown massive glas bead.

Jannissima’s jewelry designs are expressive, luxurious, handmade and detailed. By this unique design Jannissima tempts to make women feel elegant and beautiful. All Venetian glass beads are designed by Jannissima and mouth blown by glass artist Jan Hein van Stiphout, Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Studio photograpy by Bas Berents