The Jannissima BEACHCOMBER accessory collection is inspired by the beachcomber that was a vagrant living on the shore, drifting in a totally free lifestyle, combing the beach looking for things of value and interest. Collecting lost treasures, discovering a wonderful shell, the excitement of the perfect pebble is engraved in our minds as of childhood.

The BEACHCOMBER collection consists of five styles: ST. TROPEZ is refined with colors of sea silver and grays, the MIAMI is sexy with black and accents of gold. The COPA COBANA is elegant with hues of sand, CAPRI is classic and sophisticated with accents of mint and the fifth is the natural and light IBIZA with hues of sails. A casual direction with sanded leather and finished with wild natural pearls and baroque seashells combed in Calabria. Bits of irregular mouth blown glass and fritted seashell shimmers of glass, held together with rope and leather.

Jannissima’s jewelry designs are expressive, luxurious, handmade and detailed. By this unique design Jannissima tempts to make women feel elegant and beautiful. All Venetian glass beads are designed by Jannissima and mouth blown by glass artist Jan Hein van Stiphout, Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Photography by Eric Bruinewoud

Model Paula Ravensbergen en Marija @ 77 models

Visagie Beauty by Berbe